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Coming from a background of designing flyers and record covers for local punk bands in Milwaukee, Gifford naturally transitioned into tattooing in late 2004.  He's spent the last decade and a half developing his signature style of biomechanical tattooing; focusing on bold interconnecting shapes that flow and wind over the body's canvas.  The goal is to create a sense of movement, depth and wonder.  The subject matter comes second to form.  Interesting shapes become the heart of the work.  In 2014 Gifford opened Logan Square Tattoo, a tattoo studio in Chicago where he currently works. 

In conjunction with tattooing, Gifford works in several traditional art mediums including ink, graphite and oil paints.  His current work alternates and combines representational art and science fiction based subject matter.  His most recent work, the Hive and Molt series, attempts to start bridging the gap between his more traditional mediums with his tattooing. Inspired by the natural forms of insect hives and invertebrate exoskeletons he aims to mimic the feelings of wonder and revulsion those forms inspire.  Staying loose with structure while layering forms until a dense image emerges much like a geological formation rising from the earth's shifting tectonic plates.


Tattoo Work




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Logan Square Tattoo Studio 

2352 N. Milwaukee Ave, 

Chicago, IL 60647 

(773) 799 - 8640 

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